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Every year more and more new household technical devices appear in our kitchens. All of them are designed to facilitate human participation in the process of cooking, storing food. Now, the technician can take on the kitchen work that is unpleasant for a person — washing dishes.
Modern models of dishwashing equipment spend a lot of time on this process, but it pays off with the quality of work. Dishwasher technology washes dishes aleks crystal bohemia crystal at high temperatures using detergents. It also dries dishes.

Technical units for dishwashing are equipped with 3 to 15 washing programs. For example, the SIEMENS SF 64T354 EU dishwasher model can wash dishes in four automatic programs. It is loaded with up to 9 sets of dishes.

For heavily soiled dishes, there is a pre-soak program. In addition to this program, there is a “very dirty” option for very dirty dishes. For normal, everyday dishwashing, dishwashers use the “daily wash” mode. For washing glasses, glass, mugs — «economy mode» is used. And, for lightly soiled dishes, the “quick wash” mode is selected.

In more expensive models of dishwashers, the built-in option «delicate wash» is used. This program is used for cleaning crystal products. This program uses special detergents containing enzymes.

In dishwashers, electronics are involved in the monitoring and control processes. It is able to determine the degree of soiling of dishes, select the right mode for washing, saving electricity and water.

It is possible to save water and electricity consumption by half loading dishwashers. This approach allows you to extend the service life of the washing equipment itself. Some models of units are equipped with timers. Their presence — provides a delay in the washing process at a convenient time. Indicators built into the technique help to keep track of program modes and their stages.

Some dishwashers are equipped with a “warming dishes” option. This function provides heating up to 35 — 40 degrees of dried dishes, which makes it pleasant to take them out. «Dishwashers» can be completed with various devices: trays, containers.